Dharma Talks at Jikoji during 2024

Kobun's Talks, Audio.
At Shambala and Naropa University, 1988-2002

Dharma talks recorded at Jikoji in 2024 are listed in chronological order, most recent first. (Note however that talks during 2024 Sesshins and special Events are in separate folders. Names of speakers are not listed within Sesshins or Events unless those talks were also Sunday talks, in which case the talk is listed both in 2024 and also within the Session or Event.

2024-07-14 David Khalili; Text (closed captions)
2024-07-07 Nenzen Pamela Brown; Text (closed captions)
2024-06-30 Nenzen Pamela Brown; Text (closed captions)
2024-06-02 Judy Reyes; Text (closed captions)
2024-06-02 Gerow & Emily
2024-05-26 Tetsohu Chris Kolon
2024-05-19 Ben Connelly
Flower Garland Sesshin: 2024-05-16 through 05-19
2024-05-05 Jill Kaplan, Text (closed captions)
2024-05-05 Nenzen Brown, Text (closed captions)
2024-04-28 Somatic Movement Chuck Hutchcraft & Amanda Graham
2024-04-07 Chuck Hutchcraft
Tanjo-e Sesshin: 2024-04-09 through 04-12
2024-04-07 Chuck Hutchcraft; Text (closed caption)
2024-03-24 Hildy, Gerow and Cain
2024-03-17 Misha Merril
2024-03-10 Jesse Dow
2024-02-25 Pamela Brown
2024-02-18 Nehan-e Sesshin
2024-02-18 Pamela Brown
2024-January Winter Practice Period
2024-01-28 Taikan Robert Yanasak; Yanasak Text (closed captions)
2024-01-21 Pamela Brown
2024-01-14 David Bullard
2024-01-05 Jukai Sesshin and Ceremony

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