2011 Dharma Talks at Jikoji

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Dharma talks at Jikoji in 2011 and Earlier

Listed in chronological order, most recent first:

Jim Hutt PhD, on Communications in Close Relationships, December 18 2011
Jim, a counseling and communications psychologist in practice Menlo Park, shares his experience in managing conflicts in close relationships.

Steve Tracey, on Escape, December 11 2011
Steve discusses his recent few years of searching, following years of teaching and leading to six months of work-study at Tasajara Zen Monastery after his ordaination as a priest at Jikoji. He describes his life-long fascination with Tasajara, as well as the richness of teachers and teachings from Tasajara.

Rohatsu Talks, December 2-9, 2011

Gerow Reese, on Receiving and Accepting, November 27 2011.
Gerow follows up on Michael's assignment, "the one who is not busy", discussing appreciation and acceptance of the present moment.

Michael's "assignment", on The One Who Is Not Busy, November 27 2011.
Gerow introduces Michael's assignment, and several people discuss their perspectives and experience since the assignment. (Although Michael on Nov. 20 suggested to those present to consider this koan, Michael's talk, "Sun Faced Buddha, Moon Faced Buddha" was not recorded.)

Robert Jackson, on Right Speech, November 13 2011.
Robert brings many perspectives from dharma sources and from his experience to focus on right speech. He addresses particularly anger's influence on our speech, and ways to mitigate its consequences.

Dan Zigmond, on Steve Jobs: Competence, Cruelty and Compassion, November 6 2011.
Dan discusses recent publicity and stories about Steve Jobs, whose incredibly productive and creative life included practice with Kobun. THe subsequent discussion centers on cruelty and compassion in both ordinary and extraordinary lives.

Val Syzmanski, on Space, and Buddhas, October 30 2011.
Val, a frequent guest teacher at Jikoji, discusses our concepts of space, people and things, in relation to several facsicles from Dogen's "Treasury of the True Dharma Eye".

Denko-e Talks, October 18-23, 2011

Beata Chapman, on Repentance and Regret, October 2 2011
Bata, a zen priest with the Russian River Sangha, talks about her process in observing fear and anger arising in difficult situations, confession, repentance, and the role of practice, citing Dogen's "Mountain Colors and Valley Sounds" fascicle.

Val Syzmanski, on Everyday Life, September 25 2011.
Val, a frequent guest teacher at Jikoji, discusses our practice in everyday life, starting from several recent books, and Dogen's teachings.

Doug Jacobson, on Money and Greed, on September 18 2011.
Doug likens the flow and substance of money to that of water in nearby watersheds, and leads an engaged discussion of attitudes toward money.

Peter Szydlowski, on Just Sitting, and Walking, on September 11 2011.
Peter talks about our practice in relation to natural boundaries at Jikoji, and within just sitting, at the conclusion of a sesshin at Jikoji.

Shoho Mike Newhall, on Right View, on September 4 2011.
Michael leads a discussion of Right View, first on the Buddha's 8-fold Path, toward no particular view, instead an open flexible mind, free from fixed views.

Kaz Tanahashi, on Why Dogen?, on August 28 2011.
Kaz Tanahashi talks about his inspiration and experience in translating Dogen in postwar Japan and, since the 1970s, in America.

Cliff Isberg, on Checklist, for Zen and Zazen, on August 14, 2011.
Starting from the Source, Oneness, and Duality, Cliff describes his checklist for zen and zazen, with questions and discussions.

Donnalynn Chase, on Taking Refuge, on July 24 2011.
Donnalynn describes our traditional practice of taking refuge in the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.

Val Szymanski on Mindfulness, July 17 2011.
Val, a frequent guest teacher at Jikoji, describes Mindfulness, starting from several recent books, Dogen's teachings, and the Sutras.

Hozan Alan Senauke, on Boddhisatvas, July 10 2011.
Hozan Alan Senauke is Vice Abbot of the Berekely Zen Center, and a social activist merging Buddhist practice with social work in India and Burma. His talk focuses on his work and Buddhist practice relative to others,and ends by singing a recent song reflecting the Lotus sutra, with this chorus.
I will never disparage you, or keep you at arms length
Where you only see your weaknesses, I only see your strengths
I would never despise you, or put you down in any way
Because its clear for me, I can plainly see,
You'll be a Buddha some day

Shoho Michael Newhall on Shikantaza, July 7 2011.
Jikoji's resident teacher, Shoho Michael Newhall, gave this talk on Shikantaza at the Santa Cruz Zen Center. Mike quotes extensively from Kobun Chino Roshi, and from ancient zen master Hongzhi, on the art of practicing zen meditation. (Some partly inaudible discussion was deleted from the original recording that is posted on the Santa Cruz Zen Center's site.)

Gerow Reese, on Zen Circle, and Thinking, July 3 2011
Gerow demonstrates the art of the classical zen circle, and discusses the implications of thinking. Gerow is a Jikoji Resident, grounds keeper and landscape architect who offers ceremonial tea the first and third Sundays of the month, see Jikoji's Sunday Activities.

Misha Shungen Merrill, on Gutei's One-Finger, June 26 2011.
Misha discusses the Gutei One-finger zen koan, and the background for this famous ancient zen teacher. Misha is the primary teacher for Zen Heart Sangha in Menlo Park and Woodside, California.

Val Szymanski, on Lay Ordination, June 19 2011.
During a one-day sitting including an ordination, Val discusses the meaning of lay ordination. Val Szymanski is the founding teacher of Bamboo in the Wind, a Zen practice group that meets in Sunnyvale. She is an esteemed calligrapher and offers calligraphy workshops, as well as dharma studies.

Doug Jacobson, on Time, June 12 2011
Doug discusses time in terms of geological periods, our personal experience, and in relation to the Dharma, and from cosmic to quantum scales. The relationships between time, energy and matter are addressed.

Sandokai Sesshin, with Santa Cruz Zen Center and Jikoji, June 1-5, 2011

This sesshin, led by Kokyo Henkel and Michael Newhall, included morning and afternoon dharma talks and discussions. Each talk below is about 40 minutes.